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"RakiTravel" got its name from the traditional Cretan drink raki. In Crete Raki (or Tsikoudia) is indication of friendship and politeness, and is one of the most important traditional drinks of Greece and the most important of Crete.

Strong and clear drink,among the purest in the world. Every autumn after the grape harvest raki is produced. The Cretans with one raki, wish and welcome their guests, discuss and have fun at kafenia (traditional-cafes), overwhelm their sorrows and solve their differences. It is not just a local product  but the identity of a culture and expresses the Cretan hospitality.

We are pleased to invite you to stay in our properties, in one of the most beautiful islands, and with your raki as ally,experience moments of relaxation, mingle with the locals and enjoy the nature, the Sun and the sea.

Any time of year Crete has to offer you many and different activities.

Come to discover them all and let raki travel you!

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